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Tiny Guardians of The Wild: Birth of 14 Vancouver Island Marmots Brings Hope for the Species

Canada’s most endangered mammal, the Vancouver Island marmot, just received a boost in their numbers thanks to the birth of 14 pups at the Wilder Institute.

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Family-making for northern leopard frogs

Lea Randall, Interim Senior Manager of Conservation Translocations, is back on AM770 to discuss frog fertility. How does our team work to maximize fertility and breeding for the northern leopard...

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The Wilder Institute Announces Dr. Gráinne McCabe as its Inaugural Chief Conservation Officer

New executive role part of Canadian wildlife authority’s ambitious international expansion.

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How do horticulture and plant specialists support conservation?

There are A LOT of different specialists on the team that support our conservation programs. Our Supervisor, Greenhouse Operations talks about how horticulture and plant specialists support conservation.

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Home Sweet (Wild) Home – 100th Owl Returns to the Prairies

The 100th burrowing owl took its first steps back onto Canada’s prairies after spending the winter under expert care at the Wilder Institute. With burrowing owls distributed in less than...

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Endangered Frog Celebrates Homecoming in B.C. Wetlands

British Columbia (B.C.) wetlands are proving to be just what a little amphibian needs to help increase its odds of survival. At a new reintroduction site in B.C. for conservation...

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