Conservation Translocations are the intentional movement of animal, fungi, and plant species to support their recovery in the wild. They have been used for thousands of mammal, insect, bird, fish, and plant species across many ecosystems. Translocations are conducted to achieve a range of conservation goals such as: 

  • Returning a species to an area from where it has disappeared
  • Bolstering a current population
  • Filling an ecological function 
  • Moving it to an area beyond its indigenous range to prevent its extinction

Reintroductions and other conservation translocations are increasingly common tools to prevent species loss. However, reintroductions are complex endeavours and in order to be successful, they require sound science, long-term planning and intensive management.

Our research projects and publications cover key thematic issues and topics in conservation translocation science such as reintroduction tools and techniques, habitat assessments, genetics, mitigation translocations, best practice guidelines, decision analysis, conservation breeding and reintroduction training.

The Wilder Institute uses innovative science and partnerships to help secure the future for threatened species across Canada and around the world. We contribute to the science of conservation translocations through:

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Field Research

Conducting on the ground research with species-at-risk in various ecosystems.

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Publishing Science

Researching, publishing and presenting science that advances the methodological practice of conservation translocations for researchers and practitioners around the world.

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Local, national and international policy

Influencing policy decisions by governments that help protect vulnerable species and their habitats.

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Sharing Expertise

Advising organizations and community groups, large and small, on best practices for conservation translocation programs around the world.

Our conservation translocation programs

Burrowing Owl

Conservation breeding and translocation

Crooked-stem Aster

Plant propagation and conservation translocation


Conservation translocation

Greater Sage-Grouse

Conservation breeding and translocation

Half-Moon Hairstreak Butterfly

Conservation translocation
frog in grass

Northern Leopard Frog

Conservation breeding and translocation

Swift Fox

Conservation translocation

Vancouver Island Marmot

Conservation translocation

Whooping Crane

Conservation breeding and translocation

Wood Poppy

Plant propagation and conservation translocation