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The Wilder Institute knows we cannot create lasting change for the world’s wildlife alone. Our organization is committed to developing creative partnerships with corporate and industry leaders as we take bold steps to restore balance between wildlife and human life.

Corporate support can come in many different forms

Our Partnership Team would be happy to discuss how your company can help keep the future wild through in-kind contributions of goods or services, as well as more traditional cash agreements.

Corporate Partnerships at the Wilder Institute works a little differently than at other organizations. Our Partnership Team works with your company to identify projects that align with your internal Environmental, Social and Governance and Community Social Responsibility goals, as well as collaborate on the development of recognition packages full of benefits that deliver a high return on investment and help you achieve your philanthropic, marketing and social responsibility goals. No corporate partnership package looks the same, because every company is different.

If your company is interested in joining the Wilder Institute on our journey to make the world wilder, please reach out to:

Kimberly E. Greenlaw
Senior Manager, Philanthropy and Partnerships
E: [email protected]

Featured Partnerships

Conservation Brew Partnership – Annex Ale Project

Sustaining the world’s biodiversity requires the collaboration of creative individuals and companies to make a difference. The Wilder Institute is proud to work with corporate partners who are committed to joining us in building a coalition of leaders to secure a future for all living things. In 2021, our organization was proud to announce a four-year partnership with Annex Ale Project.

Annex Ale Project is as serious about their community as they are about brewing good beer. In 2021, the brewery committed to creating a series of small batch beers, each of which featured a key species the Wilder Institute breeds for release. As part of this collaboration, Annex Ale Project partnered with a local Blackfoot artist, Ryan Jason Allen Willert, to create the beer’s label and promotional materials. In the first two years of the partnership, thousands of cans made their way to Calgary’s restaurants, liquor stores, and homes, each one sharing the importance of whooping crane and Vancouver Island marmot conservation. The Wilder Institute is excited to be sharing the launch of the Third Edition brew this June, 2023 – keep an eye open at your local liquor store for your next opportunity to toast to conservation.

Conservation Tech Wish-list – Pivotal Energy Partners

Every day, Wilder Institute researchers and biologists use innovative science to save threatened and endangered species. This work requires up-to-date technology and equipment to ensure we are accurately tracking individual animals, storing biological samples, and safely transporting species for release in their native range. In 2021, the Wilder Institute entered a three-year partnership with Pivotal Energy Partners to provide our team with the essential equipment they need to make a difference for wildlife. In 2023, Pivotal Energy Partners extended their partnership through 2025.

Pivotal Energy Partners are experts in bridging the logistical and financial gap between suppliers and customers. The Wilder Institute is proud to count on the contribution of companies who know the importance of high-quality equipment to the seamless delivery of essential programs.

Conservation – Wild Life Distillery

In 2023, the Wilder Institute entered into a partnership with Wild Life Distillery to invest in our conservation efforts. Wild Life Distillery is passionate about what they do, the great outdoors, and the community they operate in. The Distillery has made a commitment to contribute a portion of proceeds from Problem Bear Rhubarb Spritz sold, at select locations, towards wildlife conservation. 

Based in Canmore, Alberta, Wild Life Distillery has a passion for Alberta’s species-at-risk and wanted to celebrate the importance of the unique plants and animals that the Wilder Institute champions in the company’s backyard and around the world. Wild Life Distillery hopes this partnership will help share the company’s passion for and commitment to conservation with every can sold.   

Join us in sending a cheers to wildlife and Wild Life Distillery, and pick up a can today by clicking here.

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